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Community and Support

When you sell Herbalife Nutrition products, you become part of a supportive community of like-minded people invested in helping others achieve their personal wellness targets. The Company has built tools, training and resources to help you with your professional growth and personal development goals.

Control Your Schedule on Your own Terms

Enjoy the flexibility of working around your own schedule, on your own terms. Have the freedom to spend more time doing what you want, like having fun with family and friends.

High-Profile Athletic Partnerships

The Company proudly sponsors over 190 international sporting events, teams and athletes like football star Cristiano Ronaldo, MLS Champions, LA Galaxy and U.S. triathlete Heather Jackson. They use the products as part of their nutrition programmes, just like distributors and customers!

Commitment to Social Responsibility

The Herbalife Family Foundation and its Casa Herbalife Programme provide funding to improve the nutrition of children in need in more than 120 Casa Herbalife programmes around the World.

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Become a Preferred Member

There are three Preferred Member discount levels at Herbalife Nutrition. As a new Preferred Member, you will start at the Bronze level and be immediately eligible to receive a discount of over 20% on most Herbalife Nutrition products.

You receive higher discounts based on your purchases. Move to a Silver discount level by accumulating personal product purchases of 500 Points in a consecutive twelve months period.

When you reach the Silver level, you’re eligible for discounts of over 30% from MSRP on most Herbalife Nutrition products.

Move to a Gold discount level by accumulating personal product purchases of 2,500 Points in a consecutive twelve months period.

Achieve Gold level status and you’re eligible for discounts of approximately 40% from MSRP on most Herbalife Nutrition products.

Product purchases are subject to sales tax on your actual purchase price after discount instead of the product’s Suggested Retail Price!

Take advantage of special events, promotions, and rewards available exclusively to Preferred Members.

Get The Scoop – the biweekly, Preferred Members Newsletter with specialised recipes, helpful meal plans, fitness tips and much more!

Hassle-free – Order directly from your account anytime, anywhere and with 24/7 access.

No required training or meetings.

Switch to Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributor status at any time for a low cost.

If you switch to Distributor status, you will be able to earn income on your documented retail sales as well as sponsor others. If you moved up to a higher discount as a Preferred Member, you will maintain that discount only for personal consumption purchases, not for purchases for retail sale. Purchases for retail sales start at the 25% level.

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